1.Truthy & Falsy

Let’s see which things are considered as true & which are considered as false in JavaScript.

In this article, I will tell you 10 reasons why a javascript web developer should use react. There are many reasons to use react in web development. In this story, you will find the most appealing reason to use react.

  1. Do not use a heavy framework use a library to get what you need on-demand:

When you compare between library and framework, you can easily distinguish the difference between those things. The framework has its own presets. For using a framework, you have to include all of its functionality in your code you want it or not.

On the other…

1.start with primitive types of javascript:

There are 7 primitive data types in javascript. These are string, number, bigint, boolean, undefined, symbol, and null.

Now, what is meant by primitive type? A primitive type is those values that you can’t alter directly. If you want to change a value of the primitive type, you have to reassign a new value.

Here what you can do with primitive value and what can’t

2.Object and function values:

object and function are not primitive types of values because we can alter them directly from the code. Let's say you made an array that has a list of five friend’s names. After a…

10 Math methods we use in everyday programming explained


We use Math.abs when we want to get positive value from whatever value entered.

Like if we enter value |-2| it will give the output = 2


We use Math.round when we want to round a float value to its nearest integer value.

Given example:

If we round 2.70 it will give the result =3 cause it’s nearest to the integer 3

If we round 2.31 it will give the result = 2 cause it’s nearest to integer 2.


we use Math.ceil(x) when we want to change value like ceiling or top point.

For example if we ceil Math.ceil(2.10) …

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